Erika Gofton is the founder and Co-Director of The Art Room sharing the journey with Co-Director Ilona Nelson

The Art Room is an independent art school offering a unique and holistic learning program that helps students to achieve their personal and professional goals. We are run by artists for artists.

We work with emerging and experienced students from a range of backgrounds and qualifications to not only enhance their technical and conceptual skills, but also provide them with essential support, resources and connections to be the best artist they can be.

Students come to learn with us for tailored professional development, preparing for university to get a head start on their education and to develop successful art careers post university. Students describe walking away from our programs with a full toolkit, including achieving personal growth as an artist. They also develop meaningful and lifelong relationships.

We pride ourselves on providing a learning environment that is respectful, generous and nurturing for those who are invested in long term development.

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